K6600-A Full-wavelength Microplate Reader

1, the wavelength range: 190nm-1000nm;

2. Wavelength accuracy: ±1.0 nm;

3. Wavelength repeatability: <0.2 nm;

*4, resolution: 0.001Abs (display) 0.000001Abs (internal calculation)

*5, measurement range: 0-15.0 OD;

*6, using CCD real-time spectral scanning mode, real-time output of UV-visible spectrum;

*7, single wavelength, dual wavelength, full wavelength detection function;

8, layout mode: visual free layout.

9, comes with incubation heating function.

10, incubation temperature: (room temperature + 2 ° C) to 65 ° C;

11, microplate type: standard 96-well microtiter plate (the rest can be extended custom)

12. Comprehensive Chinese report output in various forms.

13, can be carried out, quantitative or qualitative detection, a variety of calculation methods: absorbance mode, Cut-off qualitative calculation, linear regression, exponential regression, logistic regression

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1. Main unit (including light source, detector, incubator, oscillating device, cuvette analysis device);

2, K6600-A type light absorption full wavelength microplate reader workstation software;

3. Audit trail.


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