KE320 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction

ME320 automated nucleic acid extraction instrument. May be purified DNA, RNA from a variety of biological samples (whole blood, white blood cells, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, cultured cells, tissues, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, etc.) in the separation.

ME320 automated nucleic acid extraction instrument features:
1 Screen Operation: color LCD touch screen;
2 Precise Control: Built-in computer engineering, without connecting to a personal computer;
3 Temperature control: customizable cracking, elution temperature;
4 free programming: the user can demand to create, edit, and delete the program;
5 Rapid Extraction: short operating time, 30-60 minutes / time, flux, every 32 samples can be extracted simultaneously;
6 stable and reliable: there UV device, UV disinfection can be effective to avoid cross-contamination, fully automatic operation, the results are stable and avoid artificial error;

Performance indicators
A processing volume:. 20 ~ 1000μL
2 sample throughput: 1 to 32
3 beads recovery efficiency:> 95%
4 Board Type: 96-hole plate
5 heating temperature: pyrolysis heating (from room temperature to +80
), eluting heating (from room temperature to +80 )
6 concussion mix: multi-mode multi-speed adjustable
7 Beads size:> 1μm
8 reagent types: open platform beads
9 interface: color LCD touch screen
10 internal procedures: store> 500 group program
11 UV radiation: There
12 Operating time:. 30 ~ 60min / times

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ME320 automated nucleic acid extraction instrument.


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