Korean customers visit K.O.

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August 27, 2009 Korean customers visited K.O. and made business negotiations. They had visited K.O. for many times. This time they inspection K.O. company’s production base. During the inspection, Korean technical engineers made test to the two K5500 micro-spectrophotometers which will be shipped and they were very satisfied with them, repeatedly praised that K5500 micro-spectrophotometer is a promising product. Meanwhile, they also show interest in K.O. ’s other products.

The next meeting atmosphere was very cordial, and the hearty laughter constantly bursts form the meeting room. Both sides defined the further strategic direction of future cooperation, and ready to make K.O. ‘s other products into the Korean market. The success of Korean customers visit marks another successful in the process of entering the Korean market has taken a solid step forward.

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